Corey Nyako

I am Corey Nyako, a data analyst in San Francisco.
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This is an implementation of a remote PostgreSQL database for connecting to content. In this case, the content is information about animals, mostly animals you would find in a zoo. You can either select an animal from the auto-scrolling ticker or search for an animal in the search box.

Aardvark Aardwolf Addax African Elephant African Forest Elephant African Manatee African Wild Dog Agile Frog Alpaca American Alligator American Bison American Black Bear American Flamingo Andean Condor Armadillo Asian Elephant Babirusa Bairds Tapir Bald Eagle Barred Owl Bat-Eared Fox Beluga Whale Black Backed Jackal Black Mamba Black Rhinoceros Black Swan Black Tailed Prairie Dog Blue Crane Blue Monkey Bobcat Box Turtle Brown Bear Brown Pelican Cane Toad Cape Cobra Cape Hyrax Capybara Caracal Chinchilla Chital Colorado River Toad Common Chimpanzee Common Kestrel Common Kingfisher Common Squirrel Monkey Common Vampire Bat Corn Snake Coyote Dama Gazelle Dingo Dromedary Camel Duck Billed Platypus Dugong Dwarf Mongoose Eastern Cottontail Eastern Newt Egyptian Vulture Emerald Tree Boa Emu European Bison European Rabbit European Tree Frog Eyelash Viper Fossa Galapagos Land Iguana Galapagos Tortoise Gaur Gharial Giant African Millipede Giant Anteater Giant Otter Giant Panda Golden Eagle Golden Poison Frog Great Hornbill Great Horned Owl Great Northern Diver Greater Grison Greater Kudu Green Anaconda Green Jay Green Sea Turtle Grizzly Bear Ground Pangolin Groundhog Harpy Eagle Hedgehog Hippopotamus Impala Jaguar Kangaroo Killer Whale King Penguin King Vulture Koala Komodo Dragon Lesser Goldfinch Lion Lionfish Malagasy Giant Rat Malayan Flying Lemur Mandrill Marine Iguana Masai Giraffe Meerkat Naked Mole Rat North American Beaver North American River Otter Northern Cardinal Olive Baboon Opossum Orangutan Osprey Ostrich Patas Monkey Plains Zebra Polar Bear Red Panda Red River Hog Red Ruffed Lemur Red Slender Loris Reindeer Rock Pigeon Roseate Spoonbill Saltwater Crocodile Sand Cat Sea Lion Short Beaked Echidna Siberian Tiger Smooth Hammerhead Snow Leopard Snowy Egret Spider Monkey Spiny Tailed Iguana Spotted Hyena Stingray Sun Bear Tammar Wallaby Tasmanian Devil The Annas Hummingbird Timber Rattlesnake Two-Toed Sloth Waterbuck Western Lowland Gorilla White Billed Diver White Stork Wood Duck Yellow Bellied Marmot Yellow Eyed Penguin Yellow Mongoose