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I am Corey Nyako, a data analyst in San Francisco.
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Getting lost in the Wikipedia rabbit hole is one of my favorite pastimes. It starts by looking something up on Wikipedia and clicking through the links to other articles that I am curious about. For instance, I could start by reading about hydrogen bonds and, after an hour or two, end up reading about Macho Man Randy Savage.

This web scraper project is inspired by my Wikipedia navigation habits. Given a Wikipedia page, it pulls the first 50 links in the paragraphs (or first 20 links if you are running it on mobile). The resulting links can be clicked to pull the links within the page of the link.

Try it yourself! You can start by selecting a Wikipedia page from the dropdown or pasting in the URL of a Wikipedia page (limited to English version of Wikipedia […]). From there, you can click on a resulting link.

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